Residential Wellbeing

Throughout life people deal with most experiences that come along, helping us develop the ability to cope in facing life’s difficulties. As we age, new situations can arise that we might feel less equipped to deal with.

The Residential Wellbeing program provides therapeutic counselling for people living in Residential Aged Care facilities. The program is delivered by mental health clinicians who are skilled in understanding the needs of older people and the impact of living in a residential facility. All sessions are delivered at the client’s facility and are free of charge.

Family members can also access short term support for issues related to the resident’s transition into a facility or the impact of residential life on them.

Clients can access the program through one of the following referral pathways:

  • If you would like to access this program, call us on 8209 0700, or speak with our clinicians when they visit your facility and let them know you would like an appointment.
  • Family members or facility staff can refer on your behalf by completing the Residential Wellbeing Referral Form (PDF)
  • Your GP can refer you using a Mental Health Treatment Plan