Living Well With Persistent Pain

Persistent or chronic pain is very complex and affects many people. It is an individual experience and is influenced by many different factors.

The Living Well With Persistent Pain Program* is evidence-based and consistent with persistent pain programs conducted within hospital pain clinics. It aligns with the goals of the National Pain Strategy 2010 and the International Association for the Study of Pain. It does not seek to cure or eliminate pain but instead to improve people’s ability to live well despite the presence of persistent pain.

The program is free, and provides a combination of case management, group education sessions and access to appropriate allied health services as well as a GP with an interest in managing persistent pain. The program does not provide pain specialist or surgical services.

Eligibility criteria

To be part of the program, you or your patient must be:

  • 18 years old and above;
  • Living in the northern Adelaide area;
  • Experiencing chronic or persistent pain for more than 3-6 months;
  • Diagnosed with chronic or persistent pain and any other biological causes ruled out;
  • Unsuited for surgical or urgent pain specialist intervention;
  • Not involved in any claim for compensation (e.g. ReturnToWork SA, third party insurance for a vehicle accident, etc);
  • Not in a palliative care situation;
  • Wanting to learn strategies and skills to manage ongoing pain;
  • Suitable for, and committed to attending group education sessions on a regular basis;
  • Good written and spoken English language skills; and
  • Prepared to give ongoing informed consent for the collection of de-identified program evaluation data via surveys and questionnaires.

Referral pathways

Referrals can be completed by a GP or a specialist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Pain Management Unit (PMU). Entry in to this program does not affect a person’s position on the RAH PMU waiting list.

Please download the referral form through the following links and open the file using your clinical software. DO NOT open with Word as it will render the file incompatible with your software.

For Best Practice   For Medical Director

This referral form will soon also be available in Zedmed format and will be released on this page in the near future. If you require this referral form in a different format, please contact us on the number below.


For more information, please contact the Living Well With Persistent Pain team on (08) 8209 0700.


*Living Well With Persistent Pain is a PainWISE Program, ©Joyce McSwan.