IT Support

The IT Support Team provides a range of support including:

  • Hardware installations and upgrade
  • Software installations and upgrade
  • Troubleshooting Network and backup support
  • Internet security
  • Training and education
  • Practice Health Atlas
  • Clinical Auditing Tools
  • Remote server monitoring

Proactive IT Support

Rather than just respond to problems after they occur, we use state-of-the-art monitoring software to check your systems every few minutes. We’ll also get instant alerts about serious issues – usually before you know you have a problem, so we can fix them before you experience the pain of downtime. Ultimately, we aim to reduce the amount of time we spend onsite fixing issues that could have been avoided.

Our server checks include:

  • Backup Successful Check – so we’re alerted to any errors
  • Event Log Check – to report critical event errors
  • SQL Database Check – to ensure your databases are working correctly
  • Disk Health Check – to spot emerging problems with physical disk health
  • Free Space Check – to identify any drives with low free space
  • Anti-Virus Pattern File Check – to ensure they’re right up-to-date
  • Internet Check – to ensure your Internet connection is up and healthy
  • Performance Check – to alert us if your CPU, hard drive, memory or network card are above normal usage

For more information about NHNs IT services, please contact us on (08) 8209 0700.

Download Program Brochure (PDF)